CAMERON T30 Series

Fully welded ball valves

CAMERON T30 ball valve on the pipeline in winter landscape.

Lower emissions and improve profitability

CAMERON T30 Series™ fully welded ball valves reduce the total cost of ownership by minimizing fugitive emissions, simplifying maintenance, and eliminating valve replacement or upgrading at a later date to satisfy environmental regulations.

They combine the strength of forged components with a compact lightweight spherical design that eliminates body flanges, reducing overall size and potential leak paths. In addition, the superior stem sealing system is elastomer-free. The valves provide a longer service life and optimal resistance to pipeline pressures and stresses.

CAMERON T30 ball valve with pinion shaft extension.
CAMERON T30 ball valve with pinion shaft extension.
  • Isolation valve for above ground and buried pipeline installations
  • Long-term gas storage facilities
  • Compressor, gathering, and metering stations
  • Gas terminals
  • Residential gas installations
  • Onshore and offshore production and gas and LNG processing
  • Subsea isolation

Maximized uptime

CAMERON T30 Series valves require minimal maintenance, which improves production uptime. Designed to eliminate the need for lubrication, the valves enable maintenance without reducing pressure in the pipeline or removing the valve.

Longer service life

The valves can be equipped with a mechanism that makes both seat rings rotate at the end of the closing operation. Rotating seat rings are self-cleaning, distribute wear, ensure optimal sealing contact, and facilitate the distribution of any injected flush, grease, or sealant.

T31 Fully Welded Ball Valve
From the CAMERON T30 Series valve portfolio.
Nominal pipe size (NPS): 2–56 in
Pressure classes: ASME 150 to 2500 and API 2000 to 5000
Land rig with green forest in the background.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

CAMERON T30 Series ball valves are part of our Transition Technologies™ portfolio. By mitigating and preventing fugitive methane emissions, these API- and ISO-certified valves present a low-risk, high-yield opportunity to reduce environmental impact. They help you reach your sustainability goals and maintain your social license to operate.

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