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CAMERON T30 Series

Fully welded ball valves

The CAMERON T30 Series fully welded ball valve is one of the most trusted valves in the petroleum industry.

Its distinctive design imparts increased strength at reduced weight as well as increased resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. The valve combines the strength of forged components with a lightweight and compact spherical design that eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and potential leak paths.

Cutaway of a CAMERON T30 Series fully welded ball valve
T31 Fully Welded Ball Valve
From the CAMERON T30 Series valve portfolio.

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Cameron takes environmental concerns seriously and recently introduced the CAMERON T30 Low-E certified low emissions valve qualified to the international fugitive emissions standard, ISO 15848-1. Coverage is available for 100% of your transmission and storage needs. Production testing can be offered qualified to ISO 15848-2. The innovative design provides cost savings by complying with fugitive emission standards and reducing your risk of having to replace or upgrade valves in the future to meet environmental regulations.

Engineered for heavy-duty, limited-maintenance performance, this valve is commonly selected for a number of applications, including

  • gas transmission
  • product pipelines
  • measurement skids
  • dehydration systems
  • gas separation systems
  • natural gas storage
  • NGL plants
  • NGL pipelines
  • compressor stations
  • CO2 services
  • offshore
  • subsea.


CAMERON fully welded ball valves satisfy ANSI 150 through 2500 and API 2000 through 10000 standards. Made of forged steel to assure uniform fine grain structure and toughness, they may be specified in sizes from 2 to 56 in [50 to 1,400 mm].

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