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Valves for hydrogen service

Prequalified valve designs and materials for long-term high performance in hydrogen applications

ORBIT Rising stem ball valves

Why choose SLB valves for hydrogen service?

Our broad offering of valves spans applications from hydrogen production and processing through transportation and storage of hydrogen (including blends).

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The challenges of hydrogen for valves

When it comes to hydrogen production and applications, using the right valves is critical. In this SPE Tech Talk, our expert reviews the safety concerns and how hydrogen effects materials.

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Hydrogen: a cleaner, more sustainable gas

The production, transport, and use of hydrogen (H2) as a fuel, feedstock, or energy carrier is significantly changing in response to the challenges posed by the global energy transition. However, hydrogen poses fugitive emissions and safety concerns, and much is yet to be learned about the long-term effect of hydrogen on materials and hence the functionality of valves in hydrogen service.

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