a ball valve in the field

The B7 valve identifies the side-entry ball valve ASME Class 2500. Because of the high pressure and strong force involved, material selection is carried out by paying particular attention to the antiextrusion features of the gaskets and to the resistance of the ball and stem materials.

1 1/2 to 20 in

ANSI 2500

Cutaway of a B7 side-entry ball valve
Cutaway of a B7 side-entry ball valve

Standard features

  • Antistatic device
  • Ball load on the bearing blocks
  • Body relief valve for overpressure
  • Emergency grease fitting for stem
  • Factory-positioned external stops
  • Fire-safe graphite rings
  • Metal-backed, self-lubricating bearings and washers
  • Nickel plating for trim parts
  • Plastic polymer insert for seat sealing
  • Sealant injection system for emergency seal
  • Self-relieving seats
  • Stem separated from the ball; antiblowout design
  • Triple-barrier stem seals
  • Trunnion-mounted ball


  • PTFE, various grades of reinforced gaskets, and spring energizing for stem and seat sealing
  • Metal-to-metal seats
  • Double piston effect (DPE) double-barrier sealing in both directions
  • Body relief valve for overpressure
  • Double block-and-bleed capabilities

Standards compliance

  • Fire safe in accordance with API Specs 6FA and BS 6755 Part 2