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Metris Evolve

Permanent pressure and temperature gauge

Metris Evolve gauges in 3 modes: single gauge, multidropped, and multidropped for tubing and annulus measurements.

Noise-immune gauges with advanced bidirectional telemetry

Metris Evolve™ permanent pressure and temperature gauges belong to the family of Metris™ permanent monitoring systems. These systems are specifically designed to be fully compatible with each other on a single cable as well as being interchangeable in the Metris system gauge mandrels. The Metris Evolve gauge is also the primary monitoring component of the Proteus™ electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system.

Unlike conventional permanent downhole systems, Metris Evolve gauges use advanced bidirectional telemetry, which not only transmits pressure and temperature (PT) data but also enables users to actuate a wide range of downhole completion equipment.

Rated up to 16,000 psi [110 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]
Metris Evolve permanent PT gauge in single-gauge and multidropped mode.
Metris Evolve gauges are available in different configurations (e.g., single- or dual-sensor gauges with or without feedthrough connector) to suit any completion design.

The gauges provide continuous PT measurements. Acquired data are used for

  • long-term production, injection, and reservoir monitoring in real time
  • production allocation and management
  • production and injection optimization
  • well productivity, pressure transient, and decline analysis
  • workover and intervention planning
  • improved field development via identification of interwell connectivity and optimization of offset well placement and completion design 
  • reservoir model improvement and validation
  • artificial lift optimization
  • hydraulic fracture monitoring.

The ability to multidrop these compact gauges on one monoconductor cable simplifies intelligent completion deployment.

Enabling real-time evaluation and prompt corrective actions for enhanced well production

Metris Evolve gauges use proprietary enhanced silicon-on-insulator sensors for high-quality measurements in the tubing or annulus. These sensors provide equivalent metrology to quartz sensors and in some instances, outperform them.

The telemetry used by the gauge and surface acquisition unit is immune to external electrical noise and electromagnetic field interference (e.g., from ESP power cables or motor drives). Among other advantages, it enables multidropping up to 16 dual-sensor gauges (i.e., 32 sensors) on a single monoconductor cable and eliminates limitations on the distance between gauges.

Gauges rated to 10,000 psi [69 Mpa] are equipped with Sealtite™ downhole dry-mate connectors, whereas gauges rated to 16,000 psi use Intellitite™ downhole dual-seal dry-mate connectors (EDMC-R). The lower connection is V0-qualified per ISO 14998 and the gauge metallurgy is H2S resistant per NACE MR0175/ISO 15156.

What makes Metris Evolve gauges a superior product?

These permanent gauges are engineered to deliver stable PT measurements at downhole conditions, a quality that is essential for long-term reservoir and production monitoring. Performance is validated in a controlled test cell, where drift stability is measured at simulated reservoir PT conditions. Every gauge is calibrated in-house at an SLB manufacturing center to maximize performance.

The gauges are also subjected to power on-off cycles and temperature cycling to simulate the most demanding operating conditions. They are qualified for a lifetime in excess of 30 years at 302 degF. Repeated shock and vibration testing at rigorous levels ensures that they meet the environmental qualifications for production and injection wells. Qualifications meet or exceed the Advanced Well Equipment Standards (AWES) recommended practice for the qualification of downhole instrumentation and sensors. Metris Evolve gauges transmit more than 30 system health tags to surface at regular intervals for diagnostic and prognostic system health monitoring.

How can you protect these gauges during deployment and long-term production?

Our solid gauge mandrel provides a protective recess for Metris system gauges. It is available in various grades of metal to ensure characteristics equivalent or superior to the tubing, and it can be installed in sweet to severely corrosive environments.

Mandrels are rated for various working pressures according to tubing weight and material grade. They have no inherent weak points or highly stressed areas because they are machined from a single block (billet) with no weld seams. These solid gauge mandrels are designed and manufactured to API Spec 5CT for collapse pressures, burst pressures, tensile strengths, and drift. They are custom cut with premium connections; tong space and thread recut lengths are provided as requested.