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Permanent Downhole Gauges

Reservoir monitoring and control with downhole pressure and temperature data

3 horizontal multizone wells depicted by blue lines, with zones shown by clusters of white cubes.

Improve reservoir production or injection control decisions for oil and gas wells to enhance ultimate recovery

Enhance the performance of your wells with gauges that incorporate the most recent innovations in transducers, fully welded assemblies, corrosion-resistant alloys, and robust electronic components. By monitoring your wells and reservoirs in real time, you’ll identify trends without having to conduct costly, risky, and time-consuming well interventions.

Metris systems—not yesterday’s downhole gauges

Our permanent downhole gauge technology has evolved from transmit-only devices providing pressure and temperature (PT) measurements at fixed time intervals into interactive systems that enable users to actuate a wide range of downhole completion equipment by using just one electric and two hydraulic lines.

Gauges belonging to the family of Metris™ permanent monitoring systems use a single acquisition and diagnostics card that employs frequency division multiple access (FDMA) telemetry—also used by cellular telephones—for bidirectional communication to accommodate dynamic conditions. The card and telemetry combination enables

  • acquisition of PT measurements
  • immunity from any electromagnetic noise (e.g., from an ESP or other AC-powered devices)
  • deployment of more gauges on one monoconductor cable
  • elimination of limitations on distance between gauges
  • selective hydraulic actuation
  • prognostic health monitoring (PHM) of subsurface safety valve actuation
  • gauge, connector, cable, and acquisition system diagnostics.

Metris systems are a key component of intelligent completion systems, which maximize flexibility, simplify well design, increase reservoir control using downhole interval control valves, and reduce installation time and complexity. Intelligent gauges are the future, and the future is now.

Graphic representation of Metris system gauges operating envelope.
Metris™ permanent monitoring system gauges are available with various pressure and temperature ratings to suit your application.

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