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Asset performance

Groundbreaking digital solutions to streamline facility and pipeline operations and deliver a step-change in performance to enhance efficiency, reduce footprint, increase throughput, and avoid unexpected events

Production Asset Performance

Transform performance with AI and tailored solutions

We work with our customers and global technology partners to deliver configurable and scalable solutions for production facilities and pipelines. Traditional siloed asset management strategies are blown apart to expose new opportunities, and release value not previously possible.

Modular, fit-for-purpose solutions optimize performance while maximizing availability and uptime. With configurable baseline offerings focused on process optimization, asset health and reliability, pipeline integrity, maintenance planning, and site execution and inspections you can enhance decision-support, availability, and efficiency across the production system.

Experience all our asset performance solutions have to offer, with boundless possible solutions. We provide a framework to enhance efficiency and expose new opportunities for better and faster outcomes, whatever your objectives enabled by:

  • An industrial data foundation that overcomes disconnection, transforming data into readily accessible information.
  • Configurable off-the-shelf and fast-build tailored solutions to streamline workflows with integrated capabilities for monitoring, analysis, diagnostics, and optimization.
  • Solutions agnostic to source data provider, OEM, or vendor systems that enable the implementation and operation of integrated systems.
  • Unified environments to foster collaboration, empower your organization, and break siloed ways of working.
  • Integrated digital twin engines and AI, to power real-time optimization and continuous insights—from machine learning to generative AI and, cutting-edge physics-informed hybrid AI.

Experience all our asset performance solutions has to offer

A range of subject matter expert (SME)-led process optimization and uptime assurance services integrate digitally enabled equipment, collaboration with OEM experts, and maintenance to enhance asset life cycle management. We work with you to solve your challenges, to fit your needs, and fit into your operating rhythm.

Our approach is backed by over 100 years of domain and OEM expertise, extensive facilities operations, global experience in digital and software solutions together with our partnerships. We work in collaboration with our customers to apply and continue to develop a new generation of solutions.

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Transform equipment and facility operations with new generation digital solutions. Leverage AI and data-driven insights with solutions that can optimize performance, reduce OPEX, boost throughput, and enhance reliability

Revolutionize equipment and facility management with new generation solutions

Integrated AI drives predictive data-driven solutions for pipeline monitoring, inspection, and modeling to prevent leaks, failures, or incidents that can compromise throughput, safety, and the environment

An out-of-the-box solution that breaks down silos and infuses AI, to optimize maintenance planning and execution, for a step-change in efficiency, and a reduction in planned shutdowns and OPEX

Field worker digitalization and autonomous robotic operations are enabled by data integration, apps, and end-to-end robotics services to reduce execution times and enhance asset uptime

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