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Access more mature field reserves and bring green fields online faster and with longer sustainable performance

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Getting production online faster and for longer

The rapidly evolving energy mix presents opportunities for growth. Yet, fluctuating oil and gas demand coupled with tight supply influence price dynamics, and the world's shift to sustainable resources raises the bar in an already challenging market. Meeting rising energy demand means developing fields with greater financial and operational nimbleness to deliver faster and at sustained optimal production potential.

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Collaborate, automate, and digitally integrate

We’ve developed planning tools and innovative technologies to help you not just stay ahead of the curve but to sustain performance at peak potential. By leveraging connected operations, intelligent insights, and automation, you’ll unlock new levels of collaboration and efficiencies that significantly reduce time to ramp up your field’s production. Integrated data come together to reveal the best production systems for your asset beyond first oil or gas, enabling you to maintain your field’s production for longer. And proactive well intervention and monitoring help you stay there.

Our digital solutions speed up scenario analysis and planning time—turning months into days.
Our production systems can simplify or retrofit infrastructure to access more mature field reserves.
Our edge automation and proactive well intervention solutions help maintain field production for longer.
Lead the market
Our solutions build on deep expertise in reservoir characterization and field production engineering to help you gain better cost control and operational agility. Ultimately, you're empowered to shorten the time it takes to get your reserves to market and maintain production levels for longer.
Services that cover the spectrum
Getting more value from your existing fields and developing new ones faster than before starts with proven solutions and services at every stage. Whatever the challenge, our capabilities are tailored to your asset and provide the flexibility you need to stay ahead in this changing energy landscape.

Field development planning tools that model risk assessments, cost estimations, and carbon footprint reduction

Subsea field development planning to project delivery

Proactive well intervention and stimulation

Intelligent solutions that bring real-time insights into operations

Autonomous workflows that increase production uptime

Early production facilities for hydrocarbon handling while permanent infrastructure is built

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  • Near-field exploration
    Near-Field Exploration
    Fast-track exploration to production

    Explore untapped reserves near existing infrastructure and accelerate time to first oil. View

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    FPSO Performance
    Collaborate with an open coalition to accelerate your FPSO performance evolution

    Digitally connect from reservoir to topside to optimize production, cut carbon, and create new FPSO value. View

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    Decarbonize Oil and Gas Production
    Leverage technologies and solutions that reduce GHG emissions per barrel produced

    Get closer to the action. View

  • Graphic of 3 offshore platforms with multiple wells and long tiebacks supplying a single FPSO.
    Electric Production Systems for Oil & Gas Fields
    Reduce your infrastructure and energy requirements while maximizing recovery

    Systemic electrification and digitalization enable material improvements in production and recovery efficiency. View

  • Interior of an SLB production chemicals laboratory.
    Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services
    Maximize production from reservoir to refinery

    Improve and assure production more safely with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions. View

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