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Early Production Facility

Flexible, modular technology

Schlumberger field worker monitoring an early production facility.

Accelerate facility development with modular technology

The delay from reserves discovery to positive cash flow following the typical timeline for facility delivery is lengthy and locks up too much cash. Engineering requirements, supply chain, and change orders compound and push out construction, commissioning, and ultimately time to first oil.

The flexible, modular early production facility enables you to start production faster than ever—accelerating the time to first oil and gas. The modules, designed by Schlumberger to meet all international standards and regulatory requirements, can be selected to suit your needs. That enables you to fast-track production schedules, providing available production capacity when and where it is needed for early cash flow.

Graph of efficiency using early production facility.
If the oil rate changes up or down, the modular approach of early production facilities can be expanded or reduced.

Take the fast track to first oil

Early production facility modules are designed for transportability, connectability, operability, upgradeability—and, most importantly, availability. Early production facility standard designs process up to 20,000 bbl/d, with first oil achievable in months. Think of them as your fast track to first oil.

Manage project economics with flexibility

The resulting flexible, modular early production facility can be used to monetize small reserves accumulations that would be financially marginal or uneconomical with traditional permanent production facilities. You can also use Schlumberger early production facilities to temporarily or permanently upgrade production systems during the life of a field rather than designing expensive facilities for transient peak production rates.