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Early Production Facility Enables Building Remote Facility for Gente Oil Ecuador in 11 Months

Published: 05/09/2019

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Hydrocarbon production in Singue Field brings the challenge of water management

Gente Oil Ecuador (GOE) contracted with the Ecuador government to provide services for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Block-53 Singue Field. The excellent potential for hydrocarbons in this field meant that managing water involved in production was a challenge. Up to 90% of total production was expected to be water. The large quantity of produced water was of important concern considering the community and the rich, sensitive environment. Located deep within the Amazon jungle, the location presented environmental and logistical challenges for project execution.

Early production facility offers the best end-to-end solution

The Schlumberger OneSurface reservoir-integrated production system team found that the early production facility was the best end-to-end solution. Its use of standardized equipment that is fabricated as modular skids would be able to streamline project execution, delivery, and setup. The early production facility reduces time normally spent waiting for facility components. It is ideally suited for projects with an aggressive development schedule in remote locations that present time-consuming logistical and environmental challenges.

Schlumberger was trusted to design, procure, build, test, commission, operate, and maintain complete and operational water and oil facilities with a 5-year service contract. Close engagement between the Schlumberger team, different vendors, and GOE yielded positive results for all by bringing real solutions to delivery and production problems.

Overhead view of the Schlumberger early production facility at Singue Field, Ecuador.
The early production facility met the logistical and environmental challenges needed to build the water and oil facilities at Singue Field, Ecuador. Use of standardized components fabricated as modular skids streamlined project execution, delivery, and setup.

Schlumberger met all challenges to deliver the processing facility in 11 months

Since the start of the project, the compact modules characteristic of the early production facility have minimized delays related to equipment acquisition, transport logistics, and setup, enabling the project to be fast tracked and completed in 11 months. Operational capacity has increased 200% to process 35 Mbbl/d fluid containing 20 Mbbl/d water, which satisfies the drilling and production commitment made by GOE with the Ecuador Hydrocarbon Agency.

The facility design with water reinjection capability has brought multiple benefits to GOE operability within Singue Field. In addition to suppressing high operational costs related to water disposal, water injection provides the ability to perform reservoir pressure maintenance and oil sweeping to improve the future recovery factor. The capability to deliver 15 Mbbl/d oil within GOE’s transfer specifications emphasizes the success of facility operations.

In a country producing over 80% water from total fluid and with multiple companies focused on production optimization of mature fields, the years look promising for operators to employ OneSurface expertise and the early production facility as an effective standard system.

Singue Field, Ecuador, South America, Onshore

Challenge: Deliver a produced water treatment and oil processing facility on a compressed schedule in the remote Amazon jungle of Ecuador.

Solution: Streamline project execution, delivery, and setup by leveraging the standardized-equipment approach of the early production facility.


  • Delivered remote facility in a record-breaking 11 months.
  • Achieved disposal-compliant water for onsite reinjection.
  • Minimized cost of water disposal.
  • Provided environmental stewardship.
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