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Available-On-Demand Facility Enables Reaching First Production in Less Than 5 Months, Indonesia

Published: 06/18/2021

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Efficient deployment of equipment to enable early production

An operator in Indonesia sought a faster alternative to achieving first production from an onshore  sour oil field while a permanent production facility was under construction. With a goal of reaching 160,000 bbl/d during permanent production, the operator wanted to bring the block online earlier than planned. However, the block produces 26-API oil, and operations must take into consideration high  H2S volumes, safety, noise levels, environmental impact, and local vendor requirements.

Cooperation on facility design to accelerate operational efficiency

To reach initial production sooner, the operator and Schlumberger worked together to engineer and approve the design of the early production facility best suited to the operational  specifications and the field itself. The early production facility design—envisioned by Schlumberger and designed to meet all regulatory requirements and international standards—was used with components added to meet the field’s specific needs. The combination of knowledge of local operating procedures paired with Schlumberger's ability to effectively engineer, manufacture, and procure equipment in  the region resulted in a timeline from contract award to first production of less than 5 months.

Customized facility design of the early production facility.
Production was initiated in less than 5 months with a customized facility design of the early production facility.

10,000-bbl/d early production to bridge to permanent facility

Realized with the early production facility, our approach to facility and field development provided fiscal metering for the block's 10,000-bbl/d production during completion of the permanent facilities. Positive cash flow was quickly generated to finance and sustain ongoing and upcoming field development, which was optimized through enhanced reservoir knowledge from early production. Once the long-term goal of the 160,000-bbl/d production facility was met, the lease for the system was terminated and the facility demobilized.

Agility is a increasingly becoming a necessity, and the early production facility helps operators maximize their velocity to cash flow.

Indonesia, Asia, Onshore

Challenge: Initiate production while permanent production facilities are under construction.

Solution: Implement standard early production facility with specifications suited to operator and field needs.

Results: Achieved initial 10,000-bbl/d production in less than 5 months from contract award to plant startup.

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