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SLB Solutions
Planetary problems. Global solutions. Local deployment.
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The hardest balancing act

How do we ensure the sustainability, security, and equity of energy access? In order to live on a more balanced planet, we need to think big. And we need global technological solutions that can be scaled and adopted quickly. Creating positive impacts today and tomorrow.

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Our SLB Solutions
For 100 years, innovation has shaped who we are as a company. Today, we are helping to transform the energy sector as well as providing real solutions to industries’ greatest challenges. See which solutions meet your needs.
SLB Accelerated Time to Market
Access more mature field reserves and bring green fields online faster and with longer sustainable performance.
SLB Harnessing Geothermal Energy
Tapping into the heat beneath our feet to generate reliable, sustainable energy.
SLB Performance Assurance
Redefine what’s achievable for your system-level optimization.
SLB Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Accelerate your path to net zero with flexible, reliable, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions across the CCUS value chain.
SLB Methane Elimination
Remove methane and flaring emissions from your operations. For good.
SLB Footprint Reduction
Reduce emissions and environmental impact with practical, quantifiably proven Transition Technologies.
SLB Enterprise Data Performance
Unlock business performance with unmatched collection, curation, and intelligent interpretation of your data.
How our solutions are driving change
Reduction in CO2 emissions during a Norwegian operator’s wireline formation testing operations
Reduced drill time versus the customer's average days to drill a curve-and-lateral section for East Texas production wells
Reduction in the CO2 footprint of 3 land rigs during an Indonesian customer’s operations thanks to data-enriched performance services
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Local in 120 countries

We work in more than 120 countries, and in many of them we’ve had a presence for over 50 years. This long history of on-the-ground involvement gives us an unmatched relationship with local sites and communities on a global scale.

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