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Carbon storage evaluation measurements

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Essential measurements for carbon storage evaluation

Optimizing carbon storage starts with understanding the reservoir. Grasping the concepts of capacity, injectivity, and containment is paramount, whether you're dealing with a depleted reservoir or a saline aquifer.

To comprehensively understand each of these, SLB has meticulously crafted dedicated workflows. Measurements from these workflows serve as a fundamental baseline for appraising the carbon storage site, as well as the development and execution of a carbon storage monitoring program. This ensures a well-informed and effective approach to carbon sequestration.

Get rid of the guesswork with complete, dedicated solutions and insights from SLB.

Carbon Storage Evaluation Measurements
Learn about evaluation solutions that give insight into carbon storage capacity, injectivity, and containment.
Evaluation Measurement*              Downhole Services Lab Services
Evaluation Measurement*              Mineralogy Downhole Services High-definition spectroscopy  Lab Services Special core analysis             
Evaluation Measurement*              Porosity Downhole Services Combinable magnetic resonance and integrated wireline logging Special core analysisLab Services Special core analysis
Evaluation Measurement*              Permeability Downhole Services Combinable magnetic resonance  Special core analysisLab Services Special core analysis
Evaluation Measurement*              Capillary pressure Downhole Services Combinable magnetic resonance  Lab Services Mercury injection 
Evaluation Measurement*              Geology, facies Downhole Services Photorealistic reservoir geology and high-definition formation microimaging Lab Services Whole core description 
Evaluation Measurement*              Fractures, faults Downhole Services high-definition formation microimaging  Lab Services Core fracture description             
Evaluation Measurement*              Stress and mechanical properties Downhole Services InSitu™ measurements Geomechanical Profiling and advanced acoustics Lab Services Geomechanics (scratch, triaxial stress, unconfined compressive strength)
Evaluation Measurement*              Pore pressure Downhole Services Formation pressures  Lab Services Pore volume compressibility 
Evaluation Measurement*              Fault seal and stability Downhole Services Integrated modeling for stability and sealing  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Geochemical baseline Downhole Services Formation sampling  Lab Services Digital special core analysis 
Evaluation Measurement*              CO2-brine-matrix interaction Downhole Services Formation sampling  Lab Services Water analysis 
Evaluation Measurement*              Salinity Downhole Services Multifrequency dielectric dispersion and high-definition spectroscopy  Water analysisLab Services Water analysis
Evaluation Measurement*              Resistivity, spontaneous potential, caliper Downhole Services Integrated wireline logging (triple combo)  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Cement integrity Downhole Services Well integrity evaluation  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Mechanical integrity Downhole Services Annular barrier evaluation, fiber optics, and multifunction spectroscopy Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Core or rotary sidewall core Downhole Services Enhanced sidewall coring  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Fluid samples Downhole Services Formation sampling  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Fluid pressure, temperature, pH, conductivity, and contacts Downhole Services Formation sampling and downhole fluid analysis  Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Fracture pressure Downhole Services InSitu™ Geomechanical Profiling and advanced acoustics Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Step-rate test or pump test Downhole Services Fiber optics and production services Lab Services  
Evaluation Measurement*              Pressure falloff Downhole Services High-resolution well testing  Lab Services  


*Based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Class VI permitting and injection wellbore data gathering requirements

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Join our CCS domain expert, Robert Laronga, as he uses engaging science experiments to explain various CCS topics and share insights. These insights play a crucial role in evaluating carbon storage sites for appraisal as an early, critical step in any carbon sequestration project.

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