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Platform Express

Integrated wireline logging tool

Platform Express integrated wireline tool.
Faster logging
Less weight
Shorter toolstring
Less rig time
Higher tool reliability

Log twice as fast. Get better measurements.

Platform Express integrated wireline logging tool is half the length of conventional triple-combo logging but twice as fast. The combination of higher logging speeds, reduced set-up and calibration time, and faster turnaround for wellsite processing boosts logging efficiency and requires significantly less rig time.

The compact tool’s integrated sensors improve on traditional resistivity and porosity measurements with high-resolution microresistivity and imaging. Concurrent measurement of tool movement delivers real-time speed correction and depth matching.

The articulated design features flex joints for adjusting the tool position to fit borehole conditions, including washouts, ledges, and deviated sections, and to easily traverse wells with a short radius of curvature and high dogleg severity.

Platform Express tool image size comparison

Field-proven reliability: All Platform Express tool components pass the same rigorous shock and cyclical temperature tests used for LWD tools.


The triple-combo dataset logged by the Platform Express integrated wireline logging tool provides the minimum information required for basic formation evaluation answers, such as porosity and saturations.

This foundational insight is readily expanded by combining triple-combo data with additional measurements. Integrated interpretation employs advanced workflows, the multidisciplinary expertise of our interpretation geoscientists and engineers working with you as needed, and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data. The result is the fullest possible understanding of complex lithologies, such as carbonate, shaly sand, and shale reservoirs.

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