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Process Live Uptime Assurance for Acid Gas Removal Membrane Systems

Data-enriched performance service

CO2 EOR facility

Improve performance of membrane technology through predictive monitoring and analysis

Acid gas membranes are widely used onshore and offshore for removing acid gas (CO2 and H2S) from natural gas. The performance of these efficient, compact systems greatly depends on field operations practices and the condition of the natural gas feedstream. If operating conditions are not known or controlled, the system can easily be damaged, leading to undesirable product gas specifications, contractual penalties, unexpected downtime, and ultimately, the risk of environmental impact.

Process Live service is the software-as-a-service digital solution that monitors your facility operations data to predict equipment performance—including the remaining useful life of acid gas removal membranes—and autonomously identify events.

Process facility rendering
Gas membranes system monitoring
Live status of membrane performance
Remaining useful life (RUL)
Automatic event detection
Membrane replacement planning

Automatically optimize membrane life by anticipating events

Process Live service uses the industry's first intelligent, automated system for accurately gauging acid gas removal membrane health and performance. This complete prediction solution ends the current maintenance uncertainty and overspend on premature or reactive membrane replacement.

Now, you can anticipate performance upset by applying predictive monitoring and active machine learning through continuous monitoring of facility operations. The service’s proprietary performance modeling integrates technology manufacturer expertise with empirical data analytics from an extensive database of facilities.

Additionally, the Process Live service identifies critical events. You can proactively manage remaining membrane performance to extend its lifetime and optimize replacement expenditure.