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Subsea LEDEEN Actuators

Shallow- and deepwater series

ledeen actuator being shipped offshore.

The Cameron portfolio of LEDEEN actuators includes hydraulic subsea actuators designed for shallow-water and deepwater applications. Both actuator types can operate with a supply pressure up to 3,000-psi [207-bar] gauge pressure.

Deepwater and shallow-water LEDEEN actuators.


  • All models available as double acting or spring return
  • High torque outputs
    • 57,360 [6,480 N.m] for S-GS model
    • 5,700,000 in.lbf [644,000 N.m] for S-SY model
    • 3,600,000 in.lbf [400,000 N.m] for deepwater model
  • Open and close travel stops provide ±3° minimum
  • Scotch yoke mechanism generates powerful opening and closing torque outputs
  • Buna rubber piston seal configurations specifically designed for hydraulic applications
  • Composite guide band on piston provides low-friction guidance and support
  • Epoxy-coated prestressed springs provide consistent performance with corrosion protection
  • Pressure compensator balances oil-filled cavity with ambient pressure
Core Series Torque and Thrust Outputs Pressure Range (Gauge)
Quarter-turn Deep water (>500-ft submersion depth) 5,700,000 [644,000 N.m] 150–3,000 psi [10–207 bar]
Shallow water (<500-ft submersion depth)
Linear Mytilus 4,400,000 lbf [19,500,000 N]