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Valve Actuators and Accessories

LEDEEN, DYNATORQUE, and MAXTORQUE products and accessories

Cameron employee welding a DYNATORQUE handwheel.

Cameron valve products have been known for their reliability and durability for decades.

Complement your Cameron valve with a range of DYNATORQUE valve accessories and MAXTORQUE high-performance valve products.

To us, customer focus means our products are backed by our commitment to customer needs:

  • Customized products are no problem. We provide different frame and spur combinations, a wide variety of material options, one-off capability, and rapid turnaround.
  • Onsite static and dynamic-load test benches create accessories that will perform in trying real-world applications.
  • Attention to quality is at every level of the manufacturing process. We follow rigorous approval standards for material sourcing, perform preproduction and postproduction inspections, and are ISO certified.


Valve Accessories


Valve-locking device

Prevent valve rotation.


Partial-stroke test device

For use in automated quarter-turn valve applications.


Declutchable manual override

Used with pneumatic, hydraulic, and backdrivable electric actuators.


Nondeclutchable manual override

For spring-return applications.

SD Locking Device

For manual overrides

Avoid inadvertent handwheel rotation.

DT, SRD, and BG Locking Devices

For quarter-turn, multiturn, and bevel-gear operators

Avoid inadvertent handwheel rotation.

Chainwheel Adapters

Where direct operation isn't an option

Cast-iron construction.


Suited for Cameron products

6- to 48-in sizes, many in recessed or flat versions.

Ground-Position Indicators

Clear indication of valve status

Visually indicate the position of a buried or otherwise hidden valve.

Spurs & Miters

Heavy-duty iron and steel

Use as add-on features to gears or as stand-alone products.


High-Performance Valve Products

Declutch and Manual Overrides

MAXTORQUE products

Reduces rim pull by up to 75%.

Gear Operators

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