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Valve Actuators and Accessories

LEDEEN, DYNATORQUE, and MAXTORQUE products and accessories

DYNATORQUE accessories during manufacturing.
Cameron employee welding a DYNATORQUE handwheel.

Cameron valve products have been known for their reliability and durability for decades.

Complement your Cameron valve with a range of DYNATORQUE valve accessories and MAXTORQUE high-performance valve products.

To us, customer focus means our products are backed by our commitment to customer needs:

  • Customized products are no problem. We provide different frame and spur combinations, a wide variety of material options, one-off capability, and rapid turnaround.
  • Onsite static and dynamic-load test benches create accessories that will perform in trying real-world applications.
  • Attention to quality is at every level of the manufacturing process. We follow rigorous approval standards for material sourcing, perform preproduction and postproduction inspections, and are ISO certified.


Valve Accessories

  • DYNATORQUE D-Lock device.
    Valve-locking device

    Prevent valve rotation. View

  • DYNATORQUE D-Stop partial-stroke test device.
    Partial-stroke test device

    For use in automated quarter-turn valve applications. View

  • DYNATORQUE SD declutchable manual overrides
    Declutchable manual override

    Used with pneumatic, hydraulic, and backdrivable electric actuators. View

  • DYNATORQUE SRD nondeclutchable manual overrides
    Nondeclutchable manual override

    For spring-return applications. View

  • SD Locking Device
    SD Locking Device
    For manual overrides

    Avoid inadvertent handwheel rotation. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Industrial Worm-Gear Operators
    DT, SRD, and BG Locking Devices
    For quarter-turn, multiturn, and bevel-gear operators

    Avoid inadvertent handwheel rotation. View

  • DYNATORQUE chainwheel.
    Chainwheel Adapters
    Where direct operation isn't an option

    Cast-iron construction. View

  • DYNATORQUE accessories handwheel in silver.
    Suited for Cameron products

    6- to 48-in sizes, many in recessed or flat versions. View

  • Ground position indicator with gold open-closed switch.
    Ground-Position Indicators
    Clear indication of valve status

    Visually indicate the position of a buried or otherwise hidden valve. View

  • DYNATORQUE miter gear
    Spurs & Miters
    Heavy-duty iron and steel

    Use as add-on features to gears or as stand-alone products. View


High-Performance Valve Products

  • MAXTORQUE Declutch and Manual Overrides
    Declutch and Manual Overrides
    MAXTORQUE products

    Reduces rim pull by up to 75%. View

Gear Operators

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