LEDEEN SCCS Control System | SLB


Self-contained control system

Cameron employee working on LEDEEN actuator in warehouse.
LEDEEN SCCS actuator.

Cameron LEDEEN SCCS self-contained control systems provide reliable valve shutdown when a reliable external power source is unavailable. The complete system consists of a linear or quarter-turn hydraulic spring return actuator with a self-contained control.

Self-contained control

When using a hand pump with various control components, a zero-leakage circuit is maintained to ensure that valve movement does not inadvertently occur until a fail-safe signal is received. Controls are typically pilot tripped, but solenoids also can be used for remote control where electricity is available. The control must be reset manually after a fail-safe operation has occurred.

Easy operation

  • To open, set the arming valve to the ready position and operate the hand pump until the actuator has reached the full open position. For the remote option, the solenoid valve must also be energized prior to hand pumping. For the automatic option, a normal sensing pressure must also be available to pilot valve prior to hand pumping.
  • To close in local operation, manually trip the arming valve to the fail position. For the remote option, deenergizing solenoid valve will trip arming valve to fail position. For the automatic option, any abnormal increase or decrease of pilot sensing pressure will trip arming valve to fail position.
Schematic of LEDEEN SCCS showing hydraulic lines and connections.
The schematic diagram is shown with the valve in closed position and without hydraulic power.