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SD Locking Device

Avoid inadvertent handwheel rotation

DYNATORQUE accessories during manufacturing.


Cameron field-mountable locking devices were designed for those critical service applications where avoiding inadvertent handwheel rotation is required. These devices are available for use on all our quarter-turn and multiturn operators when used with handwheels. Pad locks are not included.


Locking devices are fabricated from carbon steel unless otherwise indicated. Cross bolts, washers, and lock nuts are also carbon steel. Stainless steel construction also is available at extra cost.

SD Locking Device

SD Series Manual Overrides

Model Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
DT3SD  36-030SD 36-032SD
DT7SD  36-070SD 36-072SD
DT12SD  36-120SD 36-122SD
DT21SD  36-210SD 36-212SD
DT36SD, DT50SD, and DT54SD  36-036SD 36-038SD
DT90SD and DT140SD  36-600SD 36-602SD