Chainwheel Adapters

DYNATORQUE accessories

DYNATORQUE accessories during manufacturing.

Our DYNATORQUE accessories portfolio includes chainwheels for applications where valve and operator combinations are in locations where direct handwheel operation is not possible.

The unique chainwheel adapter is the key to successful chainwheel operation. The adapter allows mounting of the chainwheel directly to the operator-input shaft rather than the rim of a handwheel as is traditionally done. This design reduces the amount of cantilever load on the operator-input shaft and eliminates the need for a handwheel.

Standard chainwheel construction is cast iron with many optional materials available. The adapter is fabricated of 1018 steel.

DYNATORQUE chainwheel.
DYNATORQUE chainwheel.
Diameter, in 0.625-in Bore; 0.281-in Crosshole
1.00-in Bore; 0.391-in Crosshole 1.25-in Bore; 0.391-in Crosshole 
4.00 11-761 11-665  
5.87 11-760 11-463  
1.5  7.50 11-582 11-278  
9.00 11-656 11-648  
2.5  12.50  11-565 11-492  
15.50  11-756 11-662 11-755 
3.5  19.00    11-351  11-355
4 22.00   11-548  11-503
4.5 26.00   11-754 11-587
5 30.00    11-549 11-752

Hub bores available as standards.
Hub bores in this table are compatible with the operator input shaft diameters. Please check individual operator drawings for input shaft diameter and product family sheets for chainwheel compatibility prior to choosing chainwheel.