Mud logging services

Actionable information on well status, drilling performance, reservoir fluid composition, and more

Surface Logging Services

Timely, accurate information about well status and drilling performance help drill better wells more efficiently. Schlumberger provides formation evaluation and drilling support through Geoservices.

Geoservices is the industry leader in surface logging, focusing on drilling support and formation evaluation. Our portfolio of technologies and services deliver actionable information on reservoir fluid composition, lithology, well placement, reservoir connectivity, and compartmentalization to guide critical decisions for optimal drilling, completions, and ultimate recovery.

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Wellbore Quality Evaluation Services

Construct the best-possible wellbore by managing pore pressure and mud weight.

  • CLEAR Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Risk Reduction Service
    Hole cleaning and wellbore risk reduction service

    Enhance hole-cleaning effectiveness and monitor borehole stability through accurate measurement and analysis of cuttings recovered from the well. View

  • FLAG Fluid Loss & Gain Detection Service
    Fluid loss and gain detection service

    Detect fluid influx and loss in the wellbore faster and more reliably, enabling prompt intervention to minimize the time necessary for any remedial action. View

  • PreVue Pore Pressure Analysis Service
    Pore pressure analysis service

    Predict and monitor pore pressure, fracture gradients, and well stability in real time, integrating data from diverse sources for greater accuracy and understanding. View

  • Drilling Geomechanics Services
    Drilling Geomechanics Services
    Expertise, answers, and insight to maintain wellbore stability and quality

    Model continuously acquired well data in real time to revise predictions ahead of the bit to assist drilling decisions. View

Surface Formation Evaluation Services

Gain earlier insight into formation fluid composition and downhole lithology.

  • Colorful image from the PureFlex surface fluids logging while-drilling service animation
    Surface fluids logging while-drilling service

    Provides fast and true at-surface hydrocarbon composition. View

  • log showing data pulled from a FlairFlex reading
    Advanced real-time fluid logging and analysis service

    Improve infrastructure planning with crucial data before downhole sampling or testing is possible. View

  • Isotope Logging
    Isotope Logging
    Continuous δ13C–CH4 measurements in real time

    Characterize the geological and geochemical hydrocarbon system in terms of source, generation, and subsurface behavior. View

  • GeoFlex Quantitative Cuttings Analysis and Imaging Service
    Multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

    Optimize cuttings analysis in conventional reservoirs to improve well trajectory and well-to-well correlation. View

  • LithoFlex service hero promo card
    Multifactor shale-cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

    Characterize unconventional reservoirs in near-real-time to support operational decisions and minimize risk. View

  • The DQ1000 analyzer uses direct quadrupole mass spectrometry to ionize, isolate, and detect conventional C1–C5 hydrocarbons, monitor C6–C10 hydrocarbons, and distinguish the three major classes of volatile organic species (alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics).
    Wellsite mass spectrometer gas analyzer

    Achieve real-time semiquantitative formation fluid analysis and evaluation. View

Rig Operation Surveillance Services

Drill smarter with a comprehensive, integrated rig instrumentation system.

  • SENSU Rig Operations Surveillance and Instrumentation System
    Rig operations surveillance and instrumentation system

    Reduce NPT and drill more efficiently using a comprehensive, integrated rig instrumentation system customized for your application. View