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Surface fluid logging while-drilling service

Surface fluids logging while-drilling service

Drilling is faster, deeper, and more complex than ever before, and in the near future, it will be autonomous. To ensure gas analysis doesn’t slow things down, we’ve developed PureFlex surface fluid logging while-drilling service. Whether onshore or off, PureFlex service is built for safety, speed, accuracy, and versatility in formation evaluation analysis for true light hydrocarbon detection in any drilling environment and at an unprecedented depth resolution.

At the heart of the system is the compact, modular gas analyzer. It’s remotely accessible for configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Coupled with any type of gas extractor—constant volume or constant volume heated—it removes mud contaminants and hydrocarbon by-products of drillbit metamorphism to provide the cleanest light hydrocarbon detection in the C1–C5 range with minimal footprint.

PureFlex service detects ethene and propene with the same depth resolution as the other hydrocarbons, which is crucial for identifying drillbit wear and full removal of artificially generated alkanes. And the analysis cycle time for these components with PureFlex service is 20 seconds. Depth resolution is higher and the data more reliable, even in fast drilling scenarios and regardless of mud type used.

Gas analysis while drilling and industry ratios interpretation are provided to characterize fluid type, fluid contacts, compositional changes, and in-reservoir alterations in real time with high depth resolution.

This is the most advanced surface fluid logging while-drilling capability—further enabling our digitally connected services to minimize footprint for deployment ease and eliminating additional units while optimizing personnel on board. PureFlex service is about fast, accurate, and reliable real-time information for making timely key decisions.

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