Slickline and wireline interventions

Dynamically monitor and control downhole operations

Schlumberger mechanical intervention truck driving down a road.

While slickline is a well-accepted technique for maintaining production on target and keeping opex within budget, the LIVE digital slicklineTM and OPTICallTM thermal profile and investigation services significantly expand the scope of work that can be efficiently and economically conducted on slickline.

These enable the wellsite engineer to monitor downhole activity and dynamically control operations. Depth precision through continuous depth correlation enhances operational quality, safety, and performance. The result is significant time savings and greater confidence, delivered by the largest fleet of slickline units in the industry.

UltraTRAC being installed at the well site.

Digital Slickline Intervention Services

Improved control and monitoring of downhole operations.

Wireline Powered Intervention Services

Real-time intervention monitoring and control.

Well Diagnostics

Reduced costs and improved production.


Integrated wireline and slickline systems for reliable, efficient conveyance.

Slickline Mechanical Intervention

Simply reliable flow control and mechanical intervention on slickline.

Wireline Perforating

Engineered perforating systems for maximized production.