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Precise, versatile cutting for various downhole well intervention applications

ReSOLVE iX slot cutter
World Oil Awards 2021 Winner for Best Well Intervention Technology Award
Schlumberger's ReSOLVE iX service slot cutter wins the 2021 World Oil Award for Best Well Intervention Technology.

Improve performance with a versatile slot cutting application

In all well stages, slot cutting services are critical and required for enabling through-tubing pressure equalization, fluid circulation, and production enhancement for sand-screen-completed wells. A high number of cuts may be required in a wide variety of casing types, grades, and potentially extreme downhole conditions. Customized for a slot cutter application, the ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service expands the operational capacity of downhole cutting and perforating methods for increasingly complex well designs.

Improve efficiency and safety—Replace conventional explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers

The award-winning slot cutter is the latest addition to the ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service family of downhole powered well intervention tools—developed by our advanced application engineering team within 9 months from concept to job execution. The slot cutter is a more efficient and safer solution compared with explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers. Compared with explosive tubing punchers, the slot cutter eliminates the logistic and HSE challenges of handling and shipping explosives. Customizable per operation, it leverages a scissor opening assembly that uses a rotatable cutting blade on one arm and a fixed anchor to provide the necessary stability on the other. It can cut up to 200 slots per descent and is up to 60% faster than conventional mechanical methods.

Schlumberger's ReSOLVE iX slot cutter wins the 2021 ICoTA Innovation Award
Schlumberger wins 2021 ICoTA Intervention Technology Award for the ReSOLVE iX service slot cutter.
ReSOLVE iX slot cutter

Enable a fit-for-purpose, versatile slot cutter solution for your well intervention objectives

The ReSOLVE iX service slot cutter configuration is extremely versatile, enabling the combination of up to eight slot cutter sections, up to eight cuts per station, and multiple stations per run with a wireline footprint. It is seamlessly combinable with other intervention services, including logging, cleaning, cutting, and milling, as well as other mechanical intervention and production logging tools for condensing multiple operations in one run.

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Slot Cutter: ReSOLVE iX Service
Delivers up to 200 slot cuts per run