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ReSOLVE iX slot cutter

Precise, versatile cutting for various downhole well intervention applications

Resolve ix Slot Cutter Close up

In all well stages, slot cutting services are critical and required for enabling through-tubing pressure equalization, fluid circulation, and production enhancement for wells completed with sand screens. A high number of cuts may be required in a wide variety of casing types, grades, and potentially extreme downhole conditions.

The ReSOLVE iX™ intelligent extreme wireline intervention service has been customized for an extreme-performance slot cutter application. This instrumented and surface-controlled, nonexplosive mechanical slot cutter is an alternative solution to conventional explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers, expanding the operational capacity of downhole cutting and perforating methods for increasingly complex well designs.

ReSOLVE iX slot cutter
Delivers up to 200 slot cuts per run
  • Through-tubing pressure equalization
  • Fluid circulation
  • Production enhancement for wells completed with sand screens
  • Well access for bypassed zones
  • Annular cement spotting 
  • Increases flow area
  • Delivers precise and configurable depth of cuts to avoid wellbore components damage
  • Eliminates the logistical and HSE challenges of handling and shipping explosives
  • Real-time monitoring of cutting progress and confirmation of cut completion
  • Adjustable slot cut spacing, orientation, and depth
  • Reliable pressure equalization via anchor mechanism
  • Wide cutting range for various tubing sizes
  • Additional cut and depth confirmation in the same run via casing collar locator (CCL)
  • High-force, high-expansion anchoring
  • Large expansion ratio for anchoring tubulars below restrictions
  • Minimized tubing impression
  • Debris-tolerant design
  • Sour service qualification
ReSolve ix slot cutter full view
ReSOLVE iX slot cutter blades.

The award-winning ReSOLVE iX slot cutter consists of a scissor-opening assembly with a rotatable cutting blade on one arm, with a fixed anchor to stabilize the other. 

The slot cutter configuration is extremely versatile, letting you combine up to eight slots simultaneously and up to 200 slots in a single run while maintaining cutting efficiency. The tool seamlessly combines with other intervention services, including logging, cleaning, cutting, and milling, as well as other mechanical intervention and production logging tools for combining multiple operations into one run. 

The cutting process is controlled by using hydraulic pressure to open the cutter arms, with progress monitored in real time and the maximum depth of cut depending on the selected blade design. Controlling the precise cut depth and confirming completion significantly reduces the risk of damaging control lines or the annular tubing.

ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter Specifications
Output Slot cut completion confirmation, cutting power and electronics temperature monitoring, cutting blade opening pressure, cutting blade speed measurement, anchor opening force and diameter measurement, head tension, wellbore pressure, wellbore temperature, logging-while-cutting slot, CCL, and optional gamma ray
Tubing ID, min. 3.5 in [88.9 mm]
Tubing OD, max. 7 in [177.8 mm]
Slot width 0.12 in [3.05 mm]
Pressure rating 20,000 psi [137 MPa]
Temperature range 32 to 350 degF [0 to 177 degC]
Restriction, min. 2.75 in [69.85 mm]
Tool OD for tubing thickness
<0.254 in [<6.45mm]*
2.68 in [68.07 mm]
Length** 34.3 ft [10.45 m]
Weight** 296 lbm [134.3 kg]
Tension 25,000 lbf [111200 N]
Compression 25,000 lbf [111200 N]
Slot cut length Configuration and pipe dependent
Certifications NACE MR0175 compliant for HշO and COշ resistance. API RP 67 compliant for explosives operations
Fishing capability Optional 2 1/8- or 3 1/8-in [53.98- or 79.38-mm] WIReD™ wireline inline release device above and below tractors
Special applications Qualified for up to 200 slot cuts per run; custom applications available upon request for high-strength pipe, higher number of slot cuts per run, and slot extension for larger flow areas

All values are for standard specifications and are subject to change without notice. A dedicated engineering team is available for customizing tools to address your challenges.
* 3.2 in [81.28 mm] for tubing thickness >0.255 in [>6.48 mm].
** Length and weight depend on integrated service configuration. Applications outside the defined operating envelope should be shared with an SLB representative for risk assessment.