ReSOLVE iX slot cutter | Video

Published: 05/24/2021

ReSOLVE iX slot cutter
ReSOLVE iX slot cutter
Delivers up to 200 slot cuts per run

In all well stages, slot cutting services are critical and required for enabling through-tubing pressure equalization, fluid circulation, and production enhancement for sand-screen-completed wells. A high number of cuts may be required in a wide variety of casing types, grades, and potentially extreme downhole conditions. The ReSOLVE iX intelligent extreme wireline intervention service has been customized to define an extreme-performance slot cutter application. This instrumented and surface-controlled, nonexplosive mechanical slot cutter is an alternative solution to conventional explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers, expanding the operational capacity of downhole cutting and perforating methods for increasingly complex well designs.

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