Drilling fluids and well cementing

The lifeblood of every well

Drilling fluids and well cementing.

Drilling fluids are critical to maintaining well control and wellbore stability throughout the drilling operation. In addition, they suspend cuttings while not circulating and transport them to surface while circulating to optimize drilling operations. They also clean, cool and lubricate the bit. Drilling fluids also isolate the surrounding formations by developing a tight filtercake across permeable sections. Drilling fluids may be water base or nonaqueous based. These fluids are selected and designed based on geologic conditions and directional and geometric requirements.

Cement is used to fill the space between casing and the wellbore where it provides structural support; functions as a barrier that helps prevent steel corrosion; and blocks oil, gas, or water from traveling through the annulus. This barrier also protects fresh water aquifers and helps prevent the inflow of undesirable hydrocarbons. Cement is also used during well abandonment or intervention operations.

SLB offers a wide variety of fluid components and a diverse range of equipment and services for both drilling fluids and cementing. Our engineers are available to help optimize fluid formulations, procedures, and equipment sets that are customized to meet the unique needs of any well.

Drilling Fluids and Well Cementing - combo