GLYDRIL Advanced Polyglycol System | SLB


Advanced polyglycol system

Water in shipyard at sunset.

The GLYDRIL system uses an enhanced water-based chemistry that employs polyglycol technology, which delivers

  • high degree of shale inhibition
  • wellbore stability
  • HPHT fluid-loss control
  • lubricity.
Drillstring drilling downhole.


  • In-gauge wellbores
  • Lower fluid losses
  • Lower potential for differential sticking
  • Less torque, drag, and bit balling
  • Lower dilution rates
  • Slicker, firmer filtercake
  • Greater wellbore stability


The GLYDRIL system can be customized to meet a variety of drilling challenges—large-diameter wellbores, extended-reach drilling, deepwater, and subsalt applications, and particularly reactive shales.

The system also is ideal for drilling high-angle wells in reactive shale formations—where wellbore stability, torque, and drag are major concerns.