GLYDRIL MC Medium-Cloud-Point Polyglycol | SLB


Medium-cloud-point polyglycol

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GLYDRIL MC medium-cloud-point polyglycol can provide improved wellbore stability, lubricity, high-temperature filtration control, plus reduce dilution rates and bit balling.


While polyglycols are most effective when used in conjunction with an inhibitive salt, such as KCl, in a nondispersed polymer system, they can be used as additives in most water-based systems. GLYDRIL MC polyglycol is acceptable for most applications specifying low-toxicity additives.


  • Improved wellbore stability and shale inhibition
  • Improved lubricity
  • Improved high-temperature filtration control
  • Reduced dilution rates and mud consumption
  • Reduced bit balling potential
  • Low toxicity

GLYDRIL MC polyglycol stabilizes troublesome shales by plugging shale pores, preventing the equalization of hydrostatic pressure away from the wellbore.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Straw-yellow to opaque-brown liquid
Specific gravity
Solubility in water
Flash point (Pensky-Martens closed cup)
230 degF [110 degC]
Cloud point
>150 degF [66 degC]