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GLYDRIL and IDCAP D System Successfully Drills Reservoir, Offshore Vietnam

Published: 01/01/2010

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Well Information

Location Rang Dong Field, Offshore Vietnam
Spud/completion August 2004
Interval drilled 8 ½-in. horizontal hole for a total of 433 m (1420 ft) – from 2410 to 2843 m (7907 to 9327 ft)
Disposal method Discharged cuttings overboard

The Details

Extensive laboratory testing was performed prior to the drilling and completion of the well. Shale inhibition and solids contamination tests were done at the M-I SWACO Regional Laboratory in Jakarta. Filtercake cleanup efficiency was evaluated and extensively tested at Constien & Associates Laboratory in Oklahoma, USA.

The GLYDRIL-IDCAP D system was chosen since it could provide good shale inhibition while maintaining good filtercake cleanup efficiency with 10% HCl. A total of 433 m (1420 ft) of reservoir section was drilled with no hole-related problems.

The initial dilution rate was 1.65 bbl/m (0.50 bbl/ft) drilled. The dilution rate was increased to 3.0 bbl/m (0.91 bbl/ft) drilled during the last 140 m (459 ft) because the formation being drilled was primarily siltstone. Dumping and dilution were performed simultaneously to keep the fluid properties within specification.

Although four VSM shakers, dressed with 185-mesh DURAFLO screens, were available, only two were used while drilling the reservoir section. These two shakers could handle a 600-gpm flow rate.

A 1.15-sg (9.6 lbm/gal) filtered KCl brine was used as a completion fluid. The sand screen was set in place as programmed. Filtercake cleanup was performed twice with a 10% HCl solution. A 1.03-sg (8.58 lbm/gal) filtered KCl brine was used as a packer fluid.

GLYDRIL-IDCAP D System Successfully Drills Reservoir, Offshore Vietnam

“The GLYDRIL*-IDCAP* D system was used to successfully drill an 8 ½-in. horizontal reservoir section, offshore Vietnam as programmed. The well was completed open-hole with a stand-alone sand screen.”

F. Huadi, Operations Engineer – Tech Support

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Vietnam, Asia, Offshore

Challenge: A sand control screen is required to prevent sand production.

Solution: An inhibitive water-base reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) was needed to drill the reservoir section to minimize sand screen plugging resulting from clay swelling and dispersion, as well as provide good hole integrity.

Results: Drilled 433 m (1420 ft) of reservoir horizontally with no hole-related problems. Operator achieved the expected production rates and proclaimed the well a 100% success.

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