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High-performance brine-compatible drilling fluids

Blue fluid around drillstring.

Efficient well control in the Bakken

Endura high-performance brine-compatible drilling fluids include the EnduraDril inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid and its compatible additives—a suite of products highly compatible with produced brine fluids, including Bakken-produced brine.

EnduraDril fluid has been proved to outperform traditional oil-based muds (OBMs) in the Bakken Shale. But that’s not all: it works with existing produced water, is solids free, and because it is saltwater-based, it minimizes impacts from saltwater contamination.

As part of this family, additives with proven versatility in the Bakken plays work in tandem with EnduraDril fluid to lubricate, reduce bit balling, improve ROP, aid in solids removal, improve wellbore stability, and control fluid loss in shale and unconventional environments in the Bakken.

Water-based fluids
Inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid