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EnduraDril | Expert Video

Published: 05/05/2020

Rippling dark fluid
Inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid

EnduraDril inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid enables use of locally produced brine to formulate high-performance water-based drilling fluids. Traditional chemistry for water-based drilling fluids is not compatible with the elevated levels of chlorides or total hardness seen in locally produced waters, resulting in the need for either freshwater-based or oil-based systems.

Using highly saturated produced brines enables devising a fluid very low in solids, while also providing flexibility to adjust density with common weighting agents like barite or calcium carbonate. The low rheology profile results in minimal ECD impact while drilling and helps to reduce friction that increases pump pressure, enabling higher pump rates to enhance hole cleaning.

These formulations are not off-the-shelf specifications or properties. They are tailored to specific areas and project needs using locally available water to ensure the maximum combination of performance and total project economics. Learn more by contacting one of our experts.

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