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Divalent water-based lubricant

Blue fluid around drillstring.
Workers on a rig

EnduraSlide divalent water-based lubricant is designed for use with Endura fluids for drilling unconventional shale prospects in onshore operations.

How it works

For lubricity and wellbore stability, 2 to 5 vol% of EnduraSlide lubricant should be added directly to the active circulating system at or near the pump suction over one circulation period.

After the initial treatment, the product can be added or injected at the pump suction during drilling.

The injection rate varies according to hole size, pump rate, dilution rates, and ROP.


  • Improved shale stability for faster trips
  • Compatibility with high-hardness brines
  • Continued functionality in case of drilling fluid becoming saturated while drilling salt
  • Enhanced high-temperature filtration control
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Cloudy yellow-brown liquid
Specific gravity
Solubility in water
Flash point
>284 degF [>140 degC]