EnduraSurf Anticrete and ROP-Enhancing Agent | SLB


Anticrete and ROP-enhancing additive

Blue fluid around drillstring.

The EnduraSurf additive is designed for the EnduraDril fluid for unconventional drilling prospects in onshore operations.

For ROP enhancement, 1 to 3 vol% of EnduraSurf additive should be added directly to the mud system at or near the pump suction over one circulation period. Ideally, the initial treatment should be made prior to drilling out the casing shoe or before entering the open hole while the bit and BHA are clean. If required after initial treatment, the product may be continually added or injected into the mud stream at the pump suction while drilling. The injection rate will vary according to hole size, pump rate, dilution rates, formation type, and ROP.

Man in blue jumpsuit walking near white pipes.
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Yellow-brown liquid
Specific gravity
0.78 to 0.85
Solubility in water
Flash point
201 degF [94 degC]