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Wireline tractors

The most comprehensive wireline tractor portfolio—any well, anywhere, any conveyance

3D renders of the TUffTRAC wireline tractor and the MaxTRAC reciprocating wireline tractor

Where there's a well, there's a way

No matter your well profile and condition, we have a wireline tractor to derisk your intervention, bring you data sooner, and plan your next operation earlier. And intervention in extended-reach wells is now easier than ever—unlocking your well's full potential.

Wireline tractors
Wireline tractors

Planning and design

Each tractor operation is fit for purpose. We comprehensively model each operation considering well completion, well trajectory, flow regime, cable selected, and services conveyed.

Digitalized operation

Levering digital capabilities, all tractors automatically regulate traction and power delivery to maximize efficiency. This provides unparalleled dynamic traction control to navigate any wellbore, including the most advanced completion. For land operations, the winch and tractor operations achieve complete autonomy: The winch adjusts its speed according to the tractor's operation.

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Taking you to new depths

Check out these case studies to learn how our portfolio of tractors performs in all conditions with speed and versatility, including high-angle and horizontal wells.

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  • WIReD Wireline Inline Release Device
    Wireline inline release device

    Perform to maximum conveyance-system capacity with reliable contingency solutions in case of a release. View

  • SureLOC cable release device.
    Electronically controlled cable release device

    Get superior efficiency and consistent performance even under challenging tool-sticking situations. View

  • WellSKATE low-friction well-access accessories.
    Low-friction well-access accessories

    Achieve ever-deeper well access with reduced frictional forces and shield the toolstring from the borehole wall. View

  • Positively secured to the C spanner recesses of the tool, the Petromac Wireline Express tool taxi provides both low-friction conveyance and orientation.
    Petromac Wireline Express
    Angled hole finder and tool taxi

    Resolve wellbore conditions that often compromise wireline logging operations. View

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