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Logging on UltraTRAC All-Terrain Tractor Saves 1 Day of Rig Time, Onshore UK

Published: 01/09/2015

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Demanding logging program

Perenco UK Ltd needed to run an advanced suite of measurements in a highly deviated well. The data required to characterize the reservoir were electrical image logs, dielectric and high-resolution magnetic resonance measurements, and formation pressure tests. Most of these services are available only on wireline, not logging while drilling, and all would be recorded in oil-base mud. The conventional approach of running the logging suite on pipe would require extensive, costly rig time and pose higher risk to both data quality and HSE.

High-force extended-reach tractor conveyance

The UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor delivers the farthest reach in the industry by providing the highest tractor force available in combination with reverse tractoring, dynamic suspension, and active traction control. In addition to its low sensitivity to well conditions, the UltraTRAC tractor can be customized for the number and configuration of drive sections, which can be fitted with multiple wheel diameters and proprietary designs optimized for the well geometry and borehole conditions. By eliminating routine deployment on coiled tubing and drillpipe conveyance in both open and cased holes, the UltraTRAC tractor simplifies and streamlines wireline operations to reduce cost, time, and risk.

One day of rig time saved

To convey the extended toolstring incorporating the OBMI2 integrated dual oil-base microimagers, Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service, CMR-Plus combinable magnetic resonance tool, and PressureXpress reservoir pressure while logging service, the UltraTRAC tractor was configured with four pairs of drives. The total length of the toolstring, tractor, and electronically controlled release device was 187 ft with a total weight of 3,400 lbm. All measurements were successfully made, acquiring high-quality data from three passes across the entire reservoir interval in the highly deviated well. The total tractored distance of 4,750 ft was competed in 30 h, which saved a day of rig time over what would have been required to convey the same logging equipment on pipe.

Image: Logging on UltraTRAC All-Terrain Tractor Saves 1 Day of Rig Time, Onshore UK
The bidirectional capability of the UltraTRAC tractor increases operational versatility while reducing risk.

Challenge: Avoid the high cost and risk of pipe conveyance for an advanced formation evaluation toolstring in a highly deviated openhole well

Solution: Convey the long, heavy wireline toolstring on the UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor with the optimal drive number and configuration modeled for the well conditions

Results: Completed all logging operations returning high-quality data in a single tractored run that took only 30 h, which was 24 h less than the time that pipe-conveyed logging would have required

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