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SEES | Methane LiDAR Camera

Detect, pinpoint, and measure methane leaks continuously, reliably, and autonomously

Know more about your emissions and their sources to prioritize reduction and repair

The SEES | Methane LiDAR Camera measures plume size and shape, gas emission rate, duration, location, persistence, and timing at individual plume sources. This helps you determine the importance or urgency of the source and prioritize repairs. The camera can see and localize leaks in real time, day or night, and in precipitation. Under typical conditions, it can detect emissions as small as 0.2 kg/h from a distance of 200 m or even greater.

Focus on the most actionable emitters

Methane super emitters are responsible for only a small fraction of total fugitive emissions into the atmosphere. But that small fraction contributes more than half of the total methane leakage by volume. Knowing the location of super emitters will enable operators to act quickly to limit their emissions. That's why continuous monitoring at scale is crucial. Our camera combines lidar (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) and gas absorption spectroscopy techniques with time-correlated, single-photon light detection that is like a Geiger counter for light.

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The LiDAR camera is a licensed product of QLM Technology Ltd.