Drilling data insights

Extract maximum value from your drilling data to make every well better than the last

Drilling Data Insights
Drilling Data Insights

Transform the way your drilling data works for you

Leverage the power of your historical and real time data to optimize your drilling assets and deliver data solutions throughout the well life cycle.

We can help your drilling engineering teams and real time operations centers aggregate and extract the most from their drilling data, to deliver real time decision support to your drilling operations team. Deploy embedded automation, domain models and AI driven predictive analytics across multiple drilling workflows to achieve optimized drilling performance and reductions in NPT and invisible lost time.

Multiwell offset analysis will also enable your data scientists and drilling engineers to extract performance insights both on the go and for future well planning.

Our products and services

  • Digital Insights
    Drilling Insights
    Intelligent well data solutions

    Access and integrate all your real-time and historical well data to improve drilling performance and to provide insights for subsequent planning. View

  • Chart showing drilling performance analysis.
    Delfi drilling interpretation
    Advanced drilling analysis for remote decision support

    Increase operational efficiency and performance, define KPIs, and conduct advanced monitoring. View

  • Real Time Data Services
    Real Time Data Services
    Simplify your operations by providing an end-to-end data solution in a single interface

    Vendor-neutral data aggregation, visualization, and storage service to ensure data quality and enable drilling performance workflows View