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Nonrotational high-performance service packer

Tensile strength
400,000 lbf [1,779 kN]
Time savings
Minimized set and unset time
High set and unset reliability regardless of well deviation
Temperature rating
350 [177] degF [degC]

Reliable operation in severe load conditions and highly deviated wells

The TuffPac nonrotational high-performance service packer is a fullbore, cased hole, retrievable compression-set packer for testing and tubing-conveyed perforating operations. It withstands severe shock, high flow rates, and high pressures when the appropriate slacked-off weight has been applied to the packer. The sealing elements effectively isolate annulus fluids from the perforated interval.

The TuffPac packer replaces conventional turn-to-the-right packers and mechanical-set packers. It consists of a slip lock module, continuous-indexing J slot, slip assembly, and elements assembly. The highstrength material and robust design makes it suitable for severe load conditions normally seen during perforation of deep wells as a result of gun shock.

The packer can be cycled simply by string reciprocation from the safety position to the set position and back to the safety position. This is particularly beneficial in highly deviated wells, where applying rotation down to the rotation-set packers might be difficult. The reciprocation setting also eliminates rotation of subsea umbilicals during the setting process.

Chart showing TuffPac nonrotational packer performance envelope at 350 degF.
TuffPac nonrotational packer performance envelope at 350 degF.
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TuffPac nonrotational high-performance service packer.
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