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Saltel Expandable Steel Patches

For repair and remediation operations

Saltel expandable steel patches are a permanent solution to repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, shut off unwanted perforations, seal a leaking sliding sleeve, or perform other remedial operations. Expanded with an inflatable packer downhole, the patch creates a high-pressure inner lining with minimal loss of diameter. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and has an elastomer or graphite and HT PTFE outer skin as well as a profiled sealing system. It can be run on tubing, drillpipe, or coiled tubing.

Rated up to 14,500 psi [100 MPa]
Rated up to 662 degF [350 degC]
Saltel expandable steel patches provide a reliable, permanent solution for many repair and remedial operations.
Saltel expandable steel patches provide a reliable, permanent solution for many repair and remedial operations.

Setting procedure

The downhole expansion tool is positioned inside the patch and the packer section is inflated enough to grip the inside of the patch. The assembly is run in hole, and once it is at depth, the packer is further inflated using pressure from surface. The top of the patch expands and is pushed against the tubular being repaired to activate the outer seals and anchor the patch in place. The packer is subsequently deflated, run in another 3 ft [1 m], and the next section is expanded. The process is repeated until the full length has been expanded. Subsequently, the setting tools are extracted from the top down to minimize the risk of a stuck setting tool.

In addition to standard patches, several custom patches are available to withstand H2S, chlorides, strong acids and alkalis, nitrogen, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other aggressive chemicals and to provide V0-rated gas-tight seals.

Decarbonize Your Operations
Saltel expandable steel patches are part of our Transition Technologies portfolio. Learn about our collaborative approach and full field development solutions that drive high performance while reducing environmental impact throughout the life of your asset.
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High-temperature patches

HT patches are suitable for thermal wells up to 446 degF [230 degC]. They have short-term resistance to 482 degF [250 degC] and are ISO 14310–qualified up to that temperature.

Extreme high-temperature patches

Extreme high-temperature patches are rated up to 662 degF and especially designed for heavy oil methods, including steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), and geothermal wells. They seal effectively even through thermal cycling.

Prefracturing patches

Prefracturing patches seal off frac ports (e.g., ports that opened prematurely) and withstand hydraulic fracturing pressures up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]. These patches have a special design to ensure sealing against the irregular profile of frac ports.

Saltel placing some patches during an intervention.
Efficient Use of Saltel Xpandable Technology in Unconventional Wells
This live webinar explains how patches and packers using expandable steel technology deliver unrivaled benefits when remediating casing and cement failures in unconventional wells.
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