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Technology for a Sustainable Future

Our purpose drives us to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all

Global team
of engineers, scientists, and technology partners with a shared vision of solving the world’s energy access challenges.
Cutting-edge digital technologies
such as IoT, data science, and cloud-native technical computing that improve planning, asset operations, and enterprise-wide performance.
Customer-centric innovation
across technology development and deployment, manufacturing, life cycle management, and operations.

Innovation is in our DNA, and it is fueled by the passion of our people and their unbound creativity. Backed by our constantly evolving industry-leading knowledge, expertise, and experience, we challenge the status quo and continually focus on solving energy industry challenges for a more sustainable future.

Our experts collaborate with customers, academia, and partners to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all to define and drive high performance, sustainably.

Since 1912, Schlumberger has continuously raised the benchmark for innovation, evidenced by our long-held and continuing track record of solutions, industry firsts, and new industry standards. Key to these successes is our global network of R&D and manufacturing centers, where our multidisciplinary teams collaborate around the world. From R&D to industrialization and manufacturing centers, our technology development, deployment, delivery, and life cycle management teams work to solve the toughest energy challenges.

By applying our broad expertise across the full technology life cycle, we develop solutions that move quickly from invention in our technology centers to where they matter most—into safer, efficient, and sustainable operations for our customers.

With a global network of R&D and deployment teams, Schlumberger goes beyond digital enablement and the latest technology advances to realize the full promise of automated and optimized products and services for a more sustainable energy industry.

Female operator wearing a digital headset, looking at a tablet in the field.

Building the portfolio

Throughout our history, Schlumberger has developed and refined the E&P industry’s largest technology portfolio. It is widely recognized for its innovation, technical integrity, and quality, giving our customers confidence that they can count on us—today and into the new energy future.

Technology solutions for a sustainable future

At Schlumberger, we understand that technology is only as valuable as its operational impact today, and that means greater emphasis on sustainability. Working in partnership with our customers, we challenge the status quo to optimize every solution, large and small, to deliver on the industry’s evolving needs.

As a technology company, we have a responsibility to drive down emissions across the entire value chain, and that begins with finding innovative ways to reduce emissions in our own operations. It also means directing more R&D investments toward new ways of decarbonizing E&P operations, expanding our portfolio of existing lower-carbon solutions, and exploring new avenues of expanded knowledge to accelerate innovation in emerging low-carbon new energy sectors, like hydrogen and lithium.

Digital and technical domain expertise, combined with years of experience in technology development and industrialization, fuels this innovation loop at every stage—from design, development, and manufacturing and deployment to the considerations necessary in the evolving circular economy.

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Industry-standard digital foundation

Working from a strong digital foundation, our teams transform the cloud, AI, machine learning (ML), and cybersecurity into energy technology solutions that change perspectives.

  • We craft customized end-to-end workflows and integrated systems to enhance efficiency and reliability.
  • We leverage the computational power and storage elasticity of the cloud as well as the efficiency and insights that come from the smart application of AI and ML.
  • To close the feedback loop, we deploy digitally enabled equipment that monitors system health, enables the automation of processes, and optimizes performance with the secure connectivity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Accelerating industry change

Leveraging our global network of digital experts and data scientists, we deliver innovative new solutions to help overcome our customers' digital workflow challenges. We are accelerating AI adoption for energy companies with open AI, data, and digital solutions for all domains. Using the advanced technology we place at their fingertips, our customers can rapidly accelerate the process of taking experiments and concepts to fully deployed customized workflows and digital solutions. We work together for every specific need to deploy solutions on premise, at the edge, or on the cloud—including open systems, such as the OSDU Data Platform—enabling our customers' teams to work better together with access to the data and applications they need.

Digital Technology In Action
The breadth and depth of Schlumberger domain and AI expertise is available to you through INNOVATION FACTORI. Discover how to extract maximum value from AI and scale your digital solutions from concept to enterprise deployment.

Schlumberger expertise in innovation and industrialization provides a global impact.

A team to create our future

The energy industry requires deep domain understanding to create technologies that provide sustainable access to energy worldwide. To maximize our impact, our teams combine engineering and scientific expertise with a deep understanding of industry domains. Add to this our proven skills in digital and data science, and the ability to successfully solve important industry challenges is stronger than ever.

At our technology centers, we work in multidisciplinary teams that integrate technical and operational understanding, science, AI, ML, and energy domain knowledge to create products and services that move the energy industry forward.

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Industrialization to enable large-scale deployment of the most advanced technologies

In an industry as dynamic as energy, there are no average problems and no easy fixes. Our technology-minded manufacturing team rises to the challenge, solving complex problems for tomorrow’s energy access needs. Working closely with our design and engineering teams, these experts are the guardians of unparalleled Schlumberger precision and quality.

With capabilities ranging from the automated manufacturing of subsea boosting equipment to building highly sensitive yet robust gamma ray and neutron detectors, our manufacturing teams apply cutting-edge technology and years of knowledge to meet the market’s evolving demands.

We use modern manufacturing practices, digital technologies, and automated solutions to deliver continuous process improvements at every manufacturing center. The result is high-quality, on-time delivery of advanced technology and products for worldwide distribution.

Engineer looking data from a set of monitors

Equipment may leave our technology centers, but it never leaves our care

We care for our technology at all stages of its life, using advanced digital capabilities to collect and analyze data, make maintenance plans, and link equipment to our centers for technical support.

Our reliable technology is delivered on time and consistently operates at peak performance with intelligent maintenance that improves in-field asset utilization.

This grants a complete understanding of our technology’s usability and operation, provides confidence in its reliability, and informs our technologists about its behavior.

NASA and Schlumberger technology on a Mars rover

Advanced outreach

Advanced disciplines and expertise in our technology centers expand the boundaries of our technology application beyond the existing energy industry.

Our expertise in high technology for robotics, geological analysis, materials, and sciences have been part of NASA's New Frontiers Programs to sample materials and determine surface composition in different geologic settings on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

In the emerging new energy markets, we apply our expertise to explore new opportunities for technology application in chemical processing, digital solutions based on data-driven experiences, industrialization processes, and scalability.

Our advances in digital technology and artificial intelligence enable higher operational monitoring and control. New technology applications designed for more sustainable energy industry operations—which measure emissions and reduction in environmental footprint—sets a new direction toward a sustainable future.

People Who Redefine What’s Possible
We dare the brightest minds to discover the limits of what is possible: exploring new ideas, challenging conventions, and driving true innovation. Our people consistently rise to this challenge—a global community of innovators who shape the future of technology together.

Collaboration that fuels progress

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success for Schlumberger technology developers. Our diverse community of highly educated experts employs the latest developments in science, technology, and engineering to invent solutions for and with our customers.

Whether creating venues for high-level technical discussions within our organization or fostering collaboration across academic, professional, and technology communities worldwide, Schlumberger unites leading experts in an inspiring environment of collaboration and innovation.

Academic and community collaborators

To capitalize on innovation in other industries, we connect with experts at worldwide symposiums and forums on digital and scientific advances. Our academic partners bring the best in research and knowledge, which we combine with our domain expertise to accelerate the development of next-generation technology for the energy industry.

Technology partners

From established to emerging technology hubs around the world, our experts are on the leading edge of innovation. Together with global partners, we are involved in the latest in AI, ML, IIoT, robotics, materials science, and many other core disciplines that support our initiatives to solve critical energy challenges for a sustainable future.

Industry partners

Any given industry evolution requires all its players to participate and collaborate toward common goals and ambitions. The energy industry is in the midst of a pivotal decade. The energy transition—decarbonizing the industry to a more diversified set of energy sources—is a reality that is accelerating around the world. Together with our customers as well as business and technology partners, we are accelerating the change to a new industry landscape.

The changes will be far-reaching and long-lasting. Major innovation efforts will occur over this decade to bring new technologies to market to meet the new set of sustainability challenges. We partner with customers, new industry players, and energy transition supporters to accelerate the transition based on advanced technology innovation.

Driven by robust data and domain expertise, our interdisciplinary teams tackle the energy industry’s most critical challenges from many angles.

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