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Temporary Tubing Plugs

Devices used for snubbing or packer setting

Blue hero texture
Blue hero texture
Pumpout plugs
Form a temporary bridge in the tubing string to set a packer and provides a tubing plug without a well intervention. The plug consists of a ball and seat and allows the tubing to fill as it is run. The ball may be run in place or dropped from the surface. After the packer is set, increasing tubing pressure shears the plug and the ball and seat fall to the bottom of the well. For some plugs, the seat moves downward and expands out into a recess, while the ball is pumped through the expanded seat and falls to the bottom. In either case, a full tubing ID is achieved.
Tubing shear plugs
Hold pressure from below without any strain on the shear screws. Once sheared, the plug falls to the bottom, leaving a fully open tubing bore. Solid core makes them best suited to snubbing-type operations.