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Liner Tieback

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system

Rated up to 10,350 psi [71.3 MPa]
Rated up to 250 degF [121 degC]
Rated up to 2,500,000 lbf [11.1 MN]
Validated to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V0

Connect your liner to your casing with a gas-tight seal

Connect a liner to a tieback string of casing with a durable, permanent seal by deploying the liner tieback metal-to-metal gas-tight liner tieback system.

As a part of the COLOSSUS M2M metal-to-metal expandable liner hanger system portfolio, the nonelastomer metal-to-metal, gas-tight liner tieback system is a V0 ISO 14310 certified, high-axial-load-bearing connection system that adds flexibility in landing casing and liner spaceout and eliminates the need for polished bore receptacle elastomeric sealing.

Maintain extended-reach casing ratings

Designed for extended-reach applications and wells with architecture or conditions that make it challenging to run long casing strings, the liner tieback system uses Metalmorphology metal-to-metal sealing and anchoring technology to seal and conform perfectly to the shape of your casing string—without sacrificing casing integrity or rating. 

To reach setting depths of 30,000 ft [9,144 m] or more, operators are increasing the number of casing strings in well designs. Tighter annular clearances require more flush joint connections. Conventional liner hanger systems cannot match the casing ratings in these well designs. Our liner tieback system enables you to run a conventional liner hanger system and tie it back to the wellhead without sacrificing casing integrity or rating. Running the liner tieback system in the liner hanger assembly means you maintain full V0-rated downhole casing connection integrity.

Liner Tieback Metal-to-Metal Gas-Tight Liner Tieback System
Liner Tieback Metal-to-Metal Gas-Tight Liner Tieback System
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