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Advanced liner installation planning analysis

Harnessing the power of DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution

Concept art showing curve and lateral well trajectory.

Align liner job planning with the overall well construction strategy

Advanced liner installation planning analysis is a technology option within DrillPlan™ coherent well construction planning solution. It enables more detailed analysis of each liner operation—from tripping in hole to cementing to setting the liner top packer.

More than 20 liner analyses, including expanded torque and drag and hydraulic analyses, can be conducted to ensure that the liner and liner hanger system arrive at target depth, proper circulation of drilling mud or cement is achieved without complications, and the liner top packer is set without issue.

Diagram showing liner job planning workflow in DrillPlan solution.

Improve any liner installation

Use for cemented or uncemented liner installation, including overlapping liners and tiebacks.

Efficiently evaluate multiple options and maximize successful outcomes

Key liner parameters are automatically checked against relevant liner tool limits and recommended industry practices. A simple three-color scheme gives users immediate feedback on compatibility of the liner string design with the intended operation. Reporting, sensitivity analyses, activity planning, and review and approval functionalities are also supported.

An embedded version of TDAS™ tubular design and analysis software enables visualizing the API Spec 19LH performance envelope for liner hanger systems and evaluating the impact of various operating conditions over the life of the well.

Preferred tool catalogs for liner hanger system components, drillstrings, and heavyweight pipes can be used to configure liner designs within the liner editor, providing the flexibility to build almost any liner string, including ones with washpipe.

Leverage comprehensive engineering analyses

The following capabilities enable a more scientific approach to liner installation planning:

  • torque and drag analysis
  • equivalent circulating density (ECD) and equivalent static density (ESD) analysis
  • analysis of liner weight at TD and in cement
  • stretch and twist analysis
  • surge and swab analysis
  • overpull and torque margin analysis
  • von Mises equivalent (VME) stress analysis
  • isolated running string analyses
  • automatic analysis validation
  • automatic report generation
  • expert review dashboard
  • sensitivity analysis.

Is liner installation planning included with my subscription for DrillPlan solution?

The advanced liner installation planning analysis technology option is a functionality that can be added to a normal subscription for the DrillPlan solution. Once it is enabled, the user will automatically have the additional liner system analyses and upgraded functionality available in the standard liner editor of DrillPlan solution.