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Inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid

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EnduraDril inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid is a low-solids, nondispersed system that is highly compatible with the Bakken base brine. The EnduraDril fluid is versatile in applications for the Bakken plays and is proven to match and exceed the performance of the traditional oil-based mud (OBM).

How it works

EnduraDril fluid chemistry works with existing produced water for a full range of clear water drilling to a fluid exhibiting inhibitive characteristics and a rheological profile like OBM yet solids-free.

Because EnduraDril fluid is saltwater based, impacts from saltwater contamination are largely reduced. Depending on the salinity of saltwater inflow, density is minimally impacted. Viscosity dilution, if encountered, is easily recovered.


  • Compatibility with Bakken base brine
  • Faster drilling
  • Enhanced hole cleaning
  • Greater wellbore stability


  • Optimal performance in applications with mud density ≤13.5 lb/galUS (1.62 sg)
  • Thermal stability ≤275 degF [135 degC]
Inhibitive divalent water-based drilling fluid

Typical Physical Properties
Drilling fluid density
9.6 to 13.5 lb/galUS [1.15 to 1.62 sg]
Operating temperature
≤275 degF [135 degC]
Typical Formulation
Primary function
9.6- to 10-lb/galUS [1.15- to 1.2-sg] base brine
Base fluid, density
DI-TROL additive
Rheological profile
DI-BALANCE viscosifier
Rheological profile
EnduraTrol additive
Fluid loss control, shale stabilizer, viscosifier
EnduraSurf additive
ROP enhancer
EnduraCap L additive
Drill solids flocculant
M-I WATE high-quality barite
DEFOAM-X all-purpose liquid defoamer
Defoaming agent
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