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Engineered chemistry spacer

Customized spacer chemistry tailored to well conditions

CemPRIME engineered chemistry spacer is customized based on several factors and well conditions. Temperature, nonaqueous fluid (NAF) base oil, and salt concentration in the spacer are considered while designing and blending a custom chemistry package.

Optimized mud removal with efficient cleaning and emulsion inversion

CemPRIME spacer is compatible with both cement slurries and NAFs and does not deteriorate cement slurry thickening time or compressive strength development upon contamination. The spacer surfactants and solvents act as effective cleaners and demulsifiers in a wide range of temperatures, base oils, and spacer salinity.

Fiber enhancement option for persistent mud

To further enhance mud removal performance, CemPRIME Scrub engineered scrubbing spacer contains fibers that improve mud removal in wells where conventional chemistry-based mud cleaning systems are inadequate. Fully compatible with spacer, cement slurry, and drilling muds, this spacer is compatible with conventional systems but significantly improves rotor cleaning. It also enhances mud removal in all cement plug scenarios and during well decommissioning.

Improved testing methodologies for repeatable results

Results are repeatable and robust due to the improved laboratory protocols and apparatus used to measure spacer performance. The HT cleaning apparatus has the ability to heat fluids up to 356 degF [180 degC]. The complex behavior of the spacer downhole can be simulated in the laboratory to observe the impact on cement, cleaning, spacer stability, and emulsion inversion.

CemPRIME spacer
Engineered spacers for improved zonal isolation
Tests to improve mud removal efficiency using the CemPRIME spacer delivered a twofold increase in cleaning efficiency compared with the spacer used previously.
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Engineered scrubbing spacer
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