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Wellhead and Tree Systems

Your well performance gateway for any application, any environment, anywhere in the world

A wellhead in a glass texture, with a digital sensor
A wellhead in a glass texture, with a digital sensor
The Well Performance Gateway
We’ve built in digitalization and automation to our wellhead and tree systems to make them your well’s performance gateway for fluids and data.
Cameron Fontus wellhead in a metal texture with an scene of the ocean behind it

Intelligent wellhead and tree systems that deliver the highest possible performance in flowing fluids—and data

It’s not a well without a wellhead, across the life of the well. And now, we’ve built in digitalization and automation, making the industry’s most reliable and versatile wellheads and trees also the smartest for any application, any environment:

  • Oil and gas: critical applications, conventional, and unconventional
  • Geothermal: vapor, liquid, or dry
  • Permanent carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)
Industry-First Digital Position Sensing Streamlines Wellhead Installation, Middle East
Real-time positive confirmation of properly landed hangers and packoffs on two wells avoids subjective judgments and NPT and minimizes risk.
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Unlock full asset potential via digitally empowered end-to-end systems

The SLB intelligent surface production system introduces new levels of production functionality by bringing together electrification, digitalization, and sensing. Starting from the wellhead and tree system, this seamless integration of all components with edge computing keeps you informed, enables precise remote control, and provides data-backed insight for continuous optimization across the production lifespan of your well.

top down view of a wellhead in a metal texture

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Conventional Wellhead Systems

Leverage a wide range of slip-type and mandrel casing hangers and packoffs.

  • IC Conventional Wellhead System
    Conventional wellhead system

    Withstand pressures up to 10,000 psi in a configurable solution. View link button arrow

Modular Compact, Speed- and Time-Saving, and Multibowl Wellhead Systems

Decrease potential NPT and reduce trips with compact wellhead systems.

  • Cross section illustration of the TS-S wellhead system
    Time-saving snap ring wellhead system

    Run the casing head through a diverter with a single-stage wellhead system. View link button arrow

  • Fontus wellhead system - card
    Cameron Fontus
    Configurable compact wellhead system

    Achieve configurability, robustness, reliability, extensive service life, and a reduced footprint. View link button arrow

  • SOLIDrill wellhead system - card
    Cameron SOLIDrill
    Modular compact wellhead system

    Work reliably in severe service conditions up to 10,000 psi and steep kickoffs. View link button arrow

  • SSD II Wellhead System - card - full wellhead
    Space-saving diverter wellhead system

    Eliminate the need to install isolation bushings or dummy hangers when only the production string is run. View link button arrow

  • MN-DS wellhead system - card
    Multibowl nested-diverter snap-ring wellhead system

    Eliminate intermediate casing strings and run through a diverter riser. View link button arrow

  • M-MC wellhead system - card
    Metal modular compact wellhead system

    Discover one of the most efficient systems available that can be used either onshore or offshore. View link button arrow

  • CSW Conductor-Sharing Wellhead System
    Conductor-sharing wellhead system

    Drill up to three dual-completion wells from a single slot, and reduce individual well costs and platform size. View link button arrow


Achieve better performance in HPHT, heavy oil, geothermal, and shallow water environments.

  • HPHT technology wellhead systems - card
    HPHT Technology Wellhead Systems
    Wellhead technology for HPHT applications

    Meet the challenges of high pressure and temperature with a variety of HPHT valves, hangers, and seals. View link button arrow

  • Heavy Oil Wellhead Systems
    Heavy Oil Wellhead Systems
    Versatile wellhead systems for efficient heavy oil recovery

    Optimize fluid and pressure control for effective heavy oil recovery, including thermal recovery. View link button arrow

  • Geothermal Wellhead Systems
    Geothermal Wellhead Systems
    Fluid control systems for geothermal wells

    Enhance efficiency in thermally enhanced (steam injection) recovery, waste disposal, and hot-water wells. View link button arrow

  • Cross section of the DF-PA wellhead system
    Diver-friendly plug-and-abandonment wellhead system

    Minimize the amount of dive time required for installation, simplify the diver’s movements, and reduce the number of tools required for installation. View link button arrow

  • Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems
    Shallow-Water Systems
    Systems designed for shallow-water operations

    Save time compared with conventional systems and reduce exposure to hazardous operations. View link button arrow


Peruse our selection of wellhead and casing connectors.

  • Cutaway rendering of the SimpleGrip system showing the slip segments and energizing screws.
    Weldless surface casing connection system

    Simplify wellhead installation without welding or special tooling. View link button arrow

  • FastLock Quick Wellhead Connector
    Quick wellhead connector

    Meet the needs of drilling and production with regard to handling safety and makeup time. View link button arrow

  • FastClamp Conventional API Ring Gasket Wellhead Connector
    Conventional API ring gasket wellhead connector

    Install safer, faster, and easier with fewer personnel and less force compared with conventional clamps. View link button arrow

  • FlangeLock Low-Torque Wellhead Connector
    Low-torque wellhead connector

    Combine the fast makeup and low-torque requirement of FastLock connectors with the inherent low cost of flange connections. View link button arrow

  • SlipLock Slip-Type Casing Connection System
    Slip-type casing connection system

    Use as an alternative to conventional weld-on or threaded casing connections. View link button arrow