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API Spec 6A Technologies

Improve safety performance with ensured reliability

a collection of API Spec 6A gate valves

Cameron designs and manufactures various types of API Spec 6A valves suitable for the demanding environments of onshore and offshore drilling and production, including

  • large-bore completions
  • pressure and temperature extremes
  • heavy oil, sour, and subsea applications.
Array of API Spec 6A valves and actuators offered by Cameron.
Cameron Veracruz Facility
Manufacturing surface equipment for worldwide distribution


  • All-electric surface actuator.
    Electric surface actuator
    Electrification, digitalization, and predictive condition-based maintenance of surface valves

    Reduce opex, capex, and environmental impact. View

  • A man operating a valve.
    Hydraulic Actuators
    Recommended for large-bore and high-pressure valves

    Used in high-thrust applications when there is no gas source or when the well gas is too sour. View

  • Cutaway of Saf-T-Gard Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator MA20 Series
    Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators
    Built to the industry’s highest standards

    Rely on a simple design and operating principle. View

  • Two men operating a valve.
    Pneumatic Piston Actuators
    Used in air operated systems

    Perform sequenced closure during shutdown operations. View

  • Overhead view of the Ledeen actuator warehouse
    Actuator Accessories
    Complementary products

    Adapt to existing actuators in the field or installed on new manufactured actuators. View

Choke Valves

  • High Temperature Choke Valve

    For all heavy oil recovery operations, including SAGD and CSS. View

  • Dog-in-window design of the compact insert-retrievable choke valve.
    Compact Insert-Retrievable Chokes
    35% smaller, 45% lighter

    Achieve total vertical access for insert retrieval. View

  • CC40SR clamp choke with DLRT land out interface.
    Insert-Retrievable Chokes
    Time-tested designs

    Retrieve the trim, actuator, and retention mechanism to surface. View

  • Nonretrievable choke valve.
    Nonretrievable Chokes
    800 installed to date

    Mount to a subsea structure or incorporate into retrievable FCM or choke bridge. View

Frac Valves

  • Frac and flowback equipment
    Frac Valves
    High-pressure valves to improve fracturing efficiency

    Maximize corrosion and erosion protection, streamline maintenance, and minimize NPT and related costs. View

Expanding-Style Gate Valves

  • Cross section of a WKM M-HT gate valve
    API Spec 6A expanding gate valve

    Withstand temperatures up to 650 degF [343 degC]. View

  • Diagram of WKM M Pow-R-Seal API 6A Expanding Gate Valve
    M Pow-R-Seal
    API Spec 6A expanding gate valve

    Metal-to-metal seal technology throughout. View

Power-Actuated Gate Valves

  • FLS-DA2 Gate Valve
    API 6A double-acting actuated gate valve

    For positive control of frac valves. View

  • M Saf-T-Seal Actuated Gate Valve
    M Saf-T-Seal
    API 6A power-actuated fullbore through-conduit gate valve

    Available in trims for most types of oilfield service. View

Slab-Style Gate Valves

  • FL-HT Steam Service API 6A Slab-Style High-Temperature
    Steam service API 6A slab-style high-temperature gate valve

    For 0 to 650 degF [–18 to 343 degC]. View

  • FLS Extreme Service API 6A Slab-Style Gate Valve
    Extreme service API 6A slab-style gate valve

    For extreme sour and subsea applications. View

  • FLS-DAN API 6A Double-Acting Actuated Drilling Gate Valve
    API 6A double-acting actuated drilling gate valve

    Standard double flange, threaded-end, and special block body configurations. View

  • FLS-R Large-Bore HP API 6A Slab-Style
    Large-bore HP API 6A slab-style gate valve

    Greatly reduce the torque required for operation. View

  • M STS-2 API 6A Manual Slab-Style Gate Valve
    M STS-2
    API 6A manual slab-style gate valve

    Outstanding sealing performance across a wide range of conditions. View

Wedge Slab Gate Valves

  • FLS-S Gate Valve
    API 6A split slab-style gate valve

    Perform a flowline seal test simultaneously on both flow directions. View