Cameron Veracruz Facility

Published: 03/22/2022

Cameron operator looking at a tablet screen in front of frac trees
Cameron Veracruz Facility
Manufacturing surface equipment for worldwide distribution

Cameron has provided state-of-the-art pressure control products and services for more than 100 years. Many of those products are manufactured at our Veracruz facility in Mexico, established in 1994 and extensively upgraded in 2015. Proficient in rapid response projects, the skilled staff manufactures gate valves, hangers, wellheads, and production trees to numerous certifications, including ISO and API.

Activities at the Veracruz facility span all critical steps in the manufacturing and distribution of pressure and flow control equipment. The process begins with receipt, inspection, and verification of materials.

The primary manufacturing technique is digitally enhanced machining, enabling the quick turnaround of precisely dimensioned parts using highly efficient automated systems and CNC technologies with specialized software and simulation programs. Advanced cladding techniques are used to apply corrosion-resistant alloy to components exposed to high-corrosion environments.

Cameron’s commitment to manufacturing quality is ensured by thorough inspection and documentation. From there, parts proceed to assembly and testing, with Cameron personnel logging up to 9,000 hours per month conducting nondestructive, hydrostatic and gas, and system integration testing of the assembled products.

The tested products are then monogrammed and painted before receiving their final inspection.

The Cameron products manufactured at the Veracruz facility are distributed worldwide, so no matter where your operations are, you have the solid foundations for continuing your forward focus on safety, efficiency, and productivity.