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Hydraulic Actuators

Used in large-bore and high-pressure valve applications

A man operating a valve.

Simple, inherently trouble-free designs

When a robust hydraulic actuator is required, Cameron has the solution. Our reliable API Spec 6A actuators are well-suited to harsh and remote environments where regular maintenance may prove difficult. We recommend them for large-bore and high-pressure valves in high-thrust applications.

Wire-cutting actuators

Cameron hydraulic wire-cutting actuators are used primarily during wireline operations. They operate as conventional actuators to open or close gate valves during normal production periods. However, during wireline operations they act as primary safety devices by ensuring that in the event of an emergency, the well can be shut in. The springs in the actuator exert high forces to cut the wireline cable, braided line, or coiled tubing. 

hydraulic actuator

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