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MH70 Series

Hydraulic actuators

A man operating a valve.

The Cameron portfolio of Saf-T-Gard actuators includes the MH70 series hydraulic actuators, which can be used with most manufacturers' gate valves.

Recommended for high-thrust applications required for large-bore and high-pressure valves when there is no gas source or when the well gas is too sour, Saf-T-Gard MH70 actuators are reliable and robust to perform in harsh and remote environments.

  • Fail-safe design
  • Rising and nonrising stem designs
  • Nonpressurized actuator housing
  • Superior piston design
  • Cameron seal technology
  • Fixed drift adjustment
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Accessories
Saf-T-Gard Hydraulic Actuator- MH70 Series