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Steam service API 6A slab-style high-temperature gate valve

Gate Valves installed in the field.

The FL-HT gate valve is part of the F Series of valves, which have been supplied for production and drilling service since 1958. Many of the features of the FL-HT gate valve are common to our original Type F gate valve, such as fullbore, forged construction; metal-to-metal sealing; a slab gate; and design simplicity. In other areas such as seat seals and stem seals, the FL-HT gate valve design takes advantage of our latest technology in materials and seal design. In addition, the FL-HT gate valve is rated for API Temperature Class Y, 0 to 650 degF [–18 to 343 degC], and high-temperature steam service.

FL-HT Steam Service API 6A Slab-Style High-Temperature


  • Metal-to-metal sealing
  • Reliability through simplicity of design
  • Stem backseat
  • Enhanced seat design
  • Stem seal that covers the full range of temperatures, pressures, and fluids encountered in steam service
  • Testing to Annex F of API Spec 6A (PR-2) to simulate high-temperature steam service up to 650 degF
  • Availability for all API 6A material classes